Public Towing Services Irving

Does your vehicle need to be towed due to breakdown? Keep some rules in your in mind when hiring Public Towing Services Irving. There are lots of towing companies in this city but not all the companies are following the rules when towing.
According to rules, a faulty motor vehicle on the road can be towed by means of a rope, a rigid connection and by hanging the vehicle on the towing vehicle. The rope must not be used to tow a motor vehicle with faulty steering or stopping devices, a truck or a bus. A rigid connection must not be towed by a motor vehicle that does not have a correct steering device, or a motor vehicle whose total mass is greater than the total mass of the towing vehicle if its service brake is defective.

What are the marking rules?

When towing a defective vehicle, all direction indicators must be switched on in the towing vehicle and on the towed vehicle if they are correct. It must be on both vehicles. The safety triangle is placed so that on the vehicle towing the defective vehicle there is a triangle on the front, and on the towed vehicle on the rear. Only the driver may be in the towed vehicle.
In the case of towing during the night or in case of reduced visibility, it is allowed but only if the towed vehicle has the rear position lights on at its rear or if it is towed by a motor vehicle that uses a yellow rotating light when towing. It is not out of place to have a red flag on the rope. If the vehicle is not marked correctly, there will be fine for you.

Distance and speed of movement

The distance between the towed and towed motor vehicle, if towed by a rope, must be from three to five meters, and if towed by a rigid connection, it can be less than three but not more than five meters. A motor vehicle towing a faulty vehicle on the road must not move at a speed higher than 40 km per hour. Also, if the engine is faulty, then the power steering and brakes do not work. Then it is best to call the towing service.
It is not precisely determined, how many kilometers you can tow a faulty vehicle. However, it is expected that the defective vehicle will be towed straight to the service station or garage from the place where it broke down.


Towing a faulty vehicle is in itself a tedious and strenuous enough action. Defective car, trouble with mechanics and therefore, at least avoid problems with the police and remember the tips and rules for towing vehicles that we have listed in the text.

Also Do the Following Things

  • In the event of a vehicle breakdown, if there is no possibility of stopping in the car park next to the motorway, stop the vehicle at the stop lane and turn on all 4 turn signals.
  • Wear a reflective vest and place a safety triangle to mark the stopped vehicle at the prescribed distance. For example, the recommended distance on the highway is 100 meters.
  • Call 972-430-7000 to request technical assistance on the road (0-24h). If necessary, you can request technical and other assistance via the telephone.
  • Follow the operator’s instructions, and wait for towing service in a safe place outside the vehicle.


In the event that the driver is unable to remove the vehicle from the motorway due to a vehicle breakdown, the motorway operator shall immediately issue an Order on the removal of the vehicle from the motorway to the contractor at the expense of the vehicle owner until the vehicle is removed.