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What to Do Before Calling a Tow Truck in Lower Greenville, TX

No one voluntarily desires to hire a towing service; however, several unplanned scenarios can happen on the road while driving. You might be dealing with a car breakdown, an engine knock, and other automobile-related issues. While you can choose to repair your vehicle yourself, sometimes, you might need to escalate the problem to more specialized personnel. Hence, the big question, how do you move your faulty car off the TX road?

The most appropriate solution is calling a towing company for help. However, before doing this, you must familiarize yourself with some things you must do. This article comprehensively outlines everything you need to do before calling a tow truck in Lower Greenville, TX for assistance.

Without any further ado, let us get straight into it!

When Should You Call for A Tow Truck in Lower Greenville, TX?

Technically, not all situations deserve a tow truck. Hence, you must know when and when not to call a tow truck for assistance. Basically, towing services are a last resort when other on-site repair options have proved abortive.

Below are a few situations you should consider calling a tow truck in Lower Greenville:

Several reasons might cause a car not to start to suddenly stop moving, for example, a dead battery. Thankfully, you can try some things to save the situation, including waiting for a few minutes before restarting the car or using a jump starter – for a dead battery. However, if none of these on-premise solutions don’t work, you might need to call a tow truck immediately.

Did you run out of gas with no refill station in sight? Consider hiring a towing service near you as the safest, most feasible option. Besides, we advise drivers to fill their tanks, especially when embarking on long trips. You can also equip your car with a portable gas tank to store gas and save yourself the worry of running out of gas.

Do you have a flat tire? First, check the situation out to see if it’s one you can handle. If you do not have the technical know-how prior, now isn’t the time to “test” your skills. Instead, call for help – let a tow truck take your car to a nearby vulcanizer. Asides from having the technical know-how, you might not have a spare tire nor jack to handle the process yourself. We advise against tool improvisation for such cases as it might be risky and perhaps life-threatening.

Nobody hopes for an accident, but they happen! After ensuring no one is hurt or catering to any hurt person, examine your vehicle for possible damages. If you can identify any damage, we advise you call for a tow truck immediately. Please, never drive a damaged car; it may be maximally threatening to your life even.

What To Do Before Calling a Tow Truck

After determining and confirming that you need to tow your vehicle, you might be anxious to get it towed as quickly as possible. First, ensure you do the following things before calling a towing company:

Your location is an essential factor to consider before calling for a tow truck. Are you in the middle of a street or on the highway? What part of the city are you in? What is the towing service nearest to you? Your location also determines how quickly you need to tow your vehicle.

Your insurance company should offer you roadside assistance. Hence, you should first consider if it’s actually a towing service you need or roadside assistance – use the tips outlined in the previous section to judge your considerations. However, understand that roadside assistance is limited to the person operating the account. Therefore, if you aren’t in your car, you might not be covered.

Safety is paramount. First, keep your hazard lights on, use the emergency brake, then stay a few meters off the vehicle. Basically, ensure you (and your passengers) are safe before calling for a tow truck.

Take photos from different angles of the situation, especially if you got into an accident. Situation documentation is essential for insurance purposes or future litigations.

Before calling for a tow truck, contact your insurance company. Find out if they will oversee the towing costs and if they have specific towing companies they use. This way, you can be sure of saving costs while enjoying a recommended towing service.

If you don’t get any recommendation from your insurance company, you should research and choose a towing company. However, you must consider a few factors when choosing, including your location, company’s expertise, customer reviews, etc. Most importantly, ensure you choose a towing service near you.

You must arrange your towing destination, whether your home, a garage, a mechanic’s shop, etc.

After safety, security is next. Ensure your valuables and important items are kept as safe as possible. You might be risking document loss if you decide to leave your files in the car while towing – they may fall off or get stolen, as the case may be. So, while waiting for a tow truck, you can utilize that time by clearing your car, ensuring your valuables and documents are kept in safe hands.

Other things to do before hiring a towing service

You can do the following things, too, before calling for a tow truck:

Final Thoughts

What to do before calling a tow truck is grossly relative and individual-dependent. Nonetheless, what matters the most is knowing the right time to call for a tow truck. Research is also essential when looking for the best towing company to hire on the spot. Do not hesitate to contact A & S Towing Service experts for a free consultation session on how we can help you tow your damaged or faulty vehicle in TX.

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